friday5 time.  answer for yourself or see others' answers here:
What is something you have run out of?
liverwurst! :(  my daily sandwiches just because slightly less awesome.

What is something you don’t know anything about?
i don't know anything about mechanics and engines and cars and stuff.  you know how people can describe a noise their car makes or if it's leaking something from somewhere and then an expert knows exactly what the problem is?  this is amazing to me.  i have no idea where to even start when it comes to mechanics.  if it's not pedal powered, i don't know how to fix it, haha!

What is something that needs emptying?
thoughts before sleeping.

There are a lot of stylistic or slangy ways to say “zero.” Which are your favorite?
N A U G H T !

When did you last receive something free when you were expecting to pay for it?
my mom was begging me to take her back to verde because she loved the burritos the first time i took her there.  (apparently, one cannot eat burritos by oneself)  she bought me lunch and horchata even though i usually buy us lunch on saturdays. :9