i thought taking bacterial genetics was going to be too hard.
it's turning out to be my favorite class of the semester!!
i actually learn things and understand them!

i thought virology would be a fun, mind blowing class!
so far... the teacher is great! but the material is really technical and its hard to digest.
also in the lab, we haven't (and maybe won't) work with viruses.  we are doing tissue culture and transfections... stuff i did before in cell bio.

i wanted to search my ipod to see if a certain song is in my top 200 played songs (i have a genius playlist) but my ipod for some reason decided to delete all my playlists!  in all the years i've had an ipod i've never had it crap out like that and i'm really surprised!  i guess i didn't notice for several days because i've just been listening to la dispute all the time...

i thought i could eat breakfast (lasagna leftovers and coffee!) and still make the bus on time...
but i didn't...

so i biked to UH.

i thought i made out of that last crash ok.
but my friend pointed out what i thought was the paint coming off the frame was actually a crack!
nooooooo... what am i going to do?!  i love my bicycle!  :(

i thought NCIS LA was going to be a lame cop show.  but at work the other day i saw an episode on my coffee break where they referred to something that happened earlier.  so i got home and looked it up... and realized they have a pretty cool season-long story arc (interspersed with stand alone episodes).  now i am hooked!  i am trying to catch up on 5 seasons (24 episodes each).  trying to watch in between classes if i can catch wifi in campus center or where ever.  they are like the hawaii five-o of california; not exactly secret service but way more authority than LAPD.

i thought i would be working on monoclonals this semester at the research lab.  but it seems that i can't escape the call of the campy.  we have some gfp campy strains that we will be testing via flow cytometer as an accompanyment to the invasion assays.  maybe asm 2015 in our future?  i want to go to new orleans!

so that's what's up since the last blog.
now off to get my three hours of sleep for today...





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